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In short: If you want to buy a wireless charger, the output of the charger is most important. The higher the output, the faster your device will charge. In addition, the number and size of the charging coils in the charger determines how precisely you should place the device on the charger. Lastly, always think about safety: make sure that the charger of your choice meets all safety requirements to prevent damage to your device or worse. Prefer the well-explained explanation? 

Differences between Wireless Chargers

When you want to buy a wireless charger for your smartphone, you will soon notice that the prices vary considerably. There are several factors that affect the price of a wireless charger. According to us, the most important are: 

1) output 
2) the number of charging coils in the charger 
3) safety 

We have chosen these aspects because they have a direct effect on your use of the QI charger. In addition, there is of course also the role of the brand, the design and the use of materials of the charger: these aspects can also influence the price but have more to do with personal taste than the functionality of the charger.

Buying a Wireless Charger?

The output from a wireless charger

The output of a wireless charger is expressed in a wattage. Cheaper chargers often have an output of 5W, but there are also wireless fast chargers with 10W or even 15W output, which is currently the maximum under the Qi standard. This high output wireless charger is able to charge supported smartphones extra fast. The requirements for such a quick charge program can differ per manufacturer. We treat Apple and Samsung as an example here. 

Apple Fast Charge
Since iOS 11.2, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X are able to take advantage of chargers that charge faster than the standard 5W. At the moment they use a maximum of 7.5W, which makes charging in practice about 40% faster. The expectation is that Apple will further increase the loading speed in future updates.

Samsung Fast Charge
To charge a Samsung smartphone wirelessly extra fast, you need a wireless charger with an output of 9W or more. Your Samsung charges fully within 120 minutes, while a normal charger only charges up to 60% in 120 minutes.

Rewind number and size in the charger

The number and size of the reels in the charger is something that is harder to see from the outside and will not always be on the packaging. However, it does affect your use. The larger the coil or the smaller coils in the opalder, the easier the charger can be used.

If a wireless charger has only one small coil, you have to place your smartphone quite precisely on the charger to start charging. If you simply place it on the charger at random, it may be that it is just wrong and loading does not start.

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Buying A Wireless Charger You Can Watch This!This can be solved by either integrating multiple coils into the charger or using a larger coil. It does not matter how or where you put the smartphone on the charger: the connection can be made easier. 

For example, the ZENS brand chargers are equipped with up to 7 charge coils for optimum user convenience, and their professional line for business use has a single but significantly larger coil.

Safety first at

And finally, safety! Just like with regular chargers that you plug into the socket, it is important that a wireless charger is safe. An unsafe charger can not only cause a short circuit or even a fire hazard, but it can also seriously damage the connected smartphone. This applies equally well to wireless chargers! So look out for the purchase of cheap chargers that do not meet the safety requirements. 

The chargers sell all comply with all European regulations and thus guarantee the safety of the use.


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